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Office of Scientific Operations - Declassified Files - Release #1

Image not found File #153 (commonly referred to by the public as “The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms”)
OSO agents Elliot Simms and Robbie Regan, while observing an atomic test in the Arctic, are unwittingly caught up in the release of prehistoric beasts from millions of years of suspended animation in the ice. Now they must help in stopping this new terror as it moves steadily down the east coast destroying anything in it's path.

File #157 (commonly referred to by the public as “Them”)
OSO agents Simms and Regan investigate the odd circumstances surrounding a missing FBI agent only to stumble upon a horror in the New Mexico desert and if they cannot find a way to stop it there is a very good chance this could be the end of humanity.

Two complete stories | 38,200 words