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Image not found Discovering there had once been life on Mars was an historic revelation, but Mars held an even more shocking revelation. Increasingly self absorbed, was humanity prepared to accept it?
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Image not found As part of a biodiversity project Eric is hoping to discover new species of life on the forest floor, but has he discovered something considerably bigger lurking in the forest? Something about us? Who we really are? Or maybe it's all just in his head---in more ways than one.
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Image not found Death takes its revenge upon a group of veteran adventurers while on a quest in 1930s Africa in a pulp fiction style adventure.
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Image not found Is there a problem at the behavioral science lab? Has something gone terribly wrong? Or have some of the subjects finally received a long overdue and richly deserved freedom? It may depend on your perspective. Animal lovers may rejoice at this...then again---maybe not.
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Image not found Travis Ames, somehow, has developed super powers. Exactly what these powers entail he's not sure. He's still learning how to control his powers, but he's already decided that he should use this new found power to fight crime. And...if he made a little profit along the way, well, that wouldn't be so bad either. But reality has a way of altering the best laid plans. He has quickly figured out he has no idea how to go about crime fighting. And, to make matters worse, he has learned the hard way, his new powers won't protect him from getting hurt or, quite possibly, killed. Can he survive long enough to learn how to use his powers? Can he get an aging detective to teach him how to fight crime? Can he prevent Aubrey, the new girl, and everyone else at work from figuring out what he can do? How long can he keep this up before he makes that one small mistake and ends up dead?

Image not found Detective Dan Cunningham hunts a madman. A very powerful and diabolical madman, known only as Dr. Oblique, who leaves an endless trail of bodies in his wake. Officially, Dr. Oblique doesn't exist, but forces in the government know who he is and what he's after: a military experiment by the name of Elliot whose blood may be the end to disease---or the perfect weapon. Leah Stearns is an FBI agent caught in the middle of a web. Is she here to help Cunningham stop a madman? Is her mission even officially sanctioned? Who are all these other government agents after Elliot? As the body count climbs, Leah will have to make some hard choices about where her loyalties are.

From The New Sheriff...
Travis' head snapped around towards the front corner of the building. Shadow guy. His heart rate jumped as he watched the guy lift a gun and snap off a shot. Travis could sense the bullet zip over his head and just graze the sleeve of Baggaducci's coat.

"Shit!" Baggaducci spit out as he ducked back down.

And then, everything slowed down for Travis. He pictured a scene and then an instant later watched the shadow guy slam into the corner of the building with a force strong enough that Travis could feel a slight vibration in the wall he was leaning against.

Baggaducci, gun in hand, had moved out slightly from the wall in order to get a clear view past Travis towards the front of the building. He was frozen there on one knee waiting. Nothing was moving. Even the sounds in the building seemed to have quieted down.

Baggaducci's eyes strained in the shadowy front corner of the building. "Where is he?" Baggaducci hissed.


Baggaducci shot a look at Travis. "What...did...you...do?"

"Uh..." Travis said. "I may have slammed that guy into the wall, maybe, I think. Yeah, I'm pretty sure I did."

From A Conspiracy in Blood...
Now the situation could not be ignored. Von Lettow-Vorbeck was heavily outnumbered and being pressed on three sides. The fall of Dar es Salaam to the British was quickly approaching. And with the fall would come a thorough scrutiny of every German in the city for possible internment or deportation. A scrutiny that would most assuredly mean the end of Otto Bleche and Rudolf Lundgren. For how would the dapper British citizenry back home react to two German doctors trying desperately to turn men into machines?

..."They said you were Detective Cunningham." She stood in front of his desk. With strange looks and veiled snickers she had been directed to him by a couple of other officers.

He looked up, then back down at the papers scattered about. "They?"

She pointed back towards the front of the large open room. There was a small sea of desks, some with partial stained cubicle walls pointlessly separating them stuffed everywhere.

"Mm. I am certain they were very helpful." Cunningham said without looking back up, but with a hint of sarcasm.

"I am Agent Stearns."

He looked up again. This time actually seeing her. "I was told you were a man."

She frowned. "No one has ever made that mistake before."

"Obviously someone was wrong."

"There's no mistaking you're a detective."

Cunningham stood up. He sighed. "I am supposed to escort you to wherever you need to go. So where is it you wish to go?"

Leah smiled slightly. "Wow, a male escort. I'm touched."

Cunningham didn't seem amused and stood patiently waiting on her. Though his expression revealed his lack of enthusiasm.

"Yes, well, my flight was fine thank you and, yes this is my first time in Detroit." She said with a smile that was both pleasant and sarcastic.

Several snickers sounded from nearby desks.

Cunningham ignored them. He sighed. "Welcome to Detroit, Agent Stearns. We are always glad to assist the FBI blah, blah, blah. Where is it you would like to go?"

"Okay, then. How about the morgue?"

Cunningham was silent for a moment. "You flew all the way from DC to look at dead bodies?"

"A girl has to have a hobby..."

From Symbiotic Puppets...
Sara went on with a slight wave of her hand. "Tool making hominids have been around for what, maybe a million years now. And, in that time, a sliver of the time microbial life has been evolving here, humans point to their capacity to modify and shape their environment to improve their living conditions as one of their greatest achievements. Microbial life has been here for more than 2 billion years adapting to living in, on and all around us more complicated life forms."

Eric looked at her. "What are you saying that...microbial life somehow tries to shape its own world?"

"Itís world? You mean our mutual world."

Sara brushed some hair back out of her face. "Well, after 2 billion years of evolving can we really be sure of just how well they have adapted at manipulating the world around them? After coexisting within other species for hundreds of millions of years, who's to say that they haven't evolved the capacity to influence the behavior of their hosts."

He hung his head down for a moment staring at the ground in front of him. Finally he looked up at Sara with a wry smile. He pointed at his name tag. "Hi, we're Eric."

Sara laughed, a loud snorting laugh. She smiled at Eric and placed a hand on her chest. "Hi, we're Sara and we're pleased to meet you."

From The Plague...
"What's happening?" Randle looked past her into the maintenance module. "What's he doing in there?"

"He's sealed the door. Manually triggered the emergency lockout system. He's got some blocks of the excavating explosives."

"What?" Watley pushed up to the window. "How much?"

"I estimate about 4 kilograms."

"Holy shit. That's enough to take out the whole module and...probably most of the main corridor." Watley stared in at Carson.

"Damn it. Without the maintenance module and no main corridor we'd be in a heap of trouble. That is if we even survive the blast." Randle said.

"Hang on there, people." Templeton interrupted. "He can't set that stuff off without the detonators which I have safely locked away."

McClellan shook her head and waved a hand behind her towards the door. "I think he's rigging some kind of makeshift detonator from one of the consoles in there."

Templeton wedged his face into the window next to Watley's. "Damn."