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The Play of Hamlet

Hamlet Mystery #5
Image not found The annual Founder's Day Festival has arrived in Hamlet and Sam is seemingly at the center of it. He has agreed to participate in a play depicting the founding of Hamlet. A story that is as weird and wacky as the current iteration of Hamlet is today. Normally Sam would choose to stay out of the limelight, figuratively and literally, but there is much more going on behind the scenes of the festival than people know of. Sam and his friends know that Scanlon, the crime boss from Detroit, and his thugs are planning on attending the festival for the sole purpose of exacting revenge upon Sam. Armed with this knowledge, Sam and his friends have a plan of their own. The question is: whose plan will succeed? And who returns to Hamlet at the climax of everyone's plans? Is she here to save Sam or kill him?
Available now in The Hamlet Mysteries 2
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