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The Hamlet Mysteries

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The Ghosts of Hamlet

Hamlet Mystery #4
Image not found Ghosts have invaded the not so quiet town of Hamlet. At least that's what the fine and upstanding residents keep telling Sam and they unanimously blame him for it. The discovery of the dead bodies in the old dump and the series of murders that have all taken place since Sam's return to his hometown is the proof everyone is pointing to. Sam doesn't believe in ghosts though he cannot explain the green shimmering things floating out in the swamps west of Hamlet, but Russell, the sole policeman of Hamlet, seems worried about something he isn't talking about. Still, Sam is getting a little tired of everyone assuming that every dead body that shows up in Hamlet is his responsibility, but when Joey drags Sam out to the edge of the swamps to show Sam yet another dead body Sam is once again in the middle of some kind of trouble. Sam thinks this dead body was staged as some kind of warning, but who is the warning for? Sam is afraid he might know the answer to that.
Available now in The Hamlet Mysteries 2
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